Success Story: Karen Goodrich From Lifestyle Curtains

Read Lifestyle Curtain Karen Goodrich’s story on how Netstripes’ 1 on 1 Advisory and Digital Bootcamp Seminar helped her discover success after 13 years in business.

For 13 years, Karen Goodrich ran her interior decorating business Lifestyle Curtains. However even with a website and paid Google Advertising, she was unhappy with the results she was getting.

Karen attended the Digital Advisory and learned how to differentiate her business from her competitors.

She then attended the Digital Bootcamp Seminar conducted by NetStripes in Petersham at the Sydney Inner West council. At the Bootcamp, Karen learned vital knowledge on how to run a business in this digital world. She had several “aha’ moments which inspired her to redefine the customer experience provided by her business.

Using the knowledge gained at the Digital Bootcamp she passionately went about getting the support of her team to implement a few techniques in improving the experience of her customers. Karen initially felt that these new methods may decline her revenue and was prepared to withstand a few lean months until the new strategies had come to effect. However, Karen and her husband were more than pleasantly surprised when within 3 months their business doubled.

Karen spoke at the Bizruption event on 2nd October 2018 at Small Business Month proudly articulating her story on how she discovered success after 13 years in business.

Karen is extremely thankful to the department of Industries for the Business Connect Program. In her words “Doubling my revenue in such a short time was a result I didn’t expect”.

To check out Karen’s website, click here.

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