Aussie business converts leads into sales after launching retargeting strategy

The Company

Founded by the young entrepreneur Samantha Nicholls, Gymnastics 21 was conceived to full-fill her life-long passion for gymnastics and the need to share that love. An affiliation of the Gymnastics Australia, Gymnastics 21 functions as a fully equipped, mobile gymnastics club.

The club is aimed at providing tailor-made sessions for children who share Samantha’s passion for the sports, to that they may grow not just physically but also mentally stronger and more confident individuals.

The problem

With 200 members currently enlisted, Samantha was planning to expand Gymnastics 21 and set-up a permanent location that would facilitate a larger group. She had initially been advertising in school newsletters but found that after changes to the layout, they stopped working as well.

Samantha was struggling to create a strategy that would benefit her, and with limited funds, didn’t want to spend on more on advertising without figuring out what marketing channels would work best for her business.

The Solution

Samantha reached out to Netstripes, the Digital Specialist Service provider of the Business Connect Program, and booked a free one-on-one digital advisory session with their digital specialist. During the session they went over all her goals for the business before focusing on her biggest problem – advertising.

Through the advisory session Samantha was introduced to new social media platforms and taught the basics of retargeting on different advertising models and how to reap its benefits. Consulting with a digital specialist also gave her the opportunity to go over other areas in her business that she needed help with, which boosted her confidence.

The Results

Earlier people were visiting her website but were leaving without taking any actions. Using the new retargeting strategy, Samantha was able to target these specific groups of people with new ads and subsequently started converting these visitors into sales.

The results from the new strategy have significantly and positively impacted business. She was able to convert 15 new customers with just one retargeting campaign, with a 150% return on investment.


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