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Owners of Extend a Home, Tony O’Neil and his business partner already had a good business. They were keen to take their business to the next level of growth, but their existing digital strategies were not helping.

They already had a good website, an external agency handling their SEO at a significant cost annually, and a business advisor helping guide the business.

Tony and one of his colleagues completed the netStripes Digital Bootcamp, which was recommended to them by the Master Builders Association (MBA). They understood that with netStripes Digital Strategy and process, they could take the necessary steps to achieve their desired growth for their business which had been eluding them so far.

But more importantly, it would save the valuable money which they invested in SEO, business advisors and their existing website.

The new strategy, combined with a highly transformative website design and development process and the holistic marketing system managed by netStripes has helped Extenda Home position its brand and business ahead of the best competitors in their market and grow its business year on year.


Client Description

With over 30 years in business, Extend a Home is an ideal designer and builder for homeowners like you who want to enjoy an easy, efficient experience of extending or renovating a home.

Adding more room to live and grow is simple, straightforward and stress-free with Extend a Home and residential renovations.

Home extensions are exciting when done right, and you can expect nothing less than the best with Extend a Home. As the number one choice for home extensions and renovations in Sydney, they have what it takes to turn any idea into a beautiful reality.


  • Tony O’Neil and his business partner already had a good business and wanted to take it to the next level of growth.
  • While they had a good website and spent several thousand each month on SEO plus further investment in business advisors, they were not getting the growth they wanted.
  • Extend a Home’s website, although fairly decent, was not adequately representing the business and its strengths correctly.
  • The business also had some good competitors, so it was important to help differentiate Extend a Home from them and position the business strategically.
  • They also needed a system to consistently win better quality leads in a greater quantity if to grow, and that was not happening.

Our Solutions

  • One-on-one Digital Strategy Advisory.
  • Website Design & Development.
  • Social Media Marketing Solutions.
  • Facebook and Retarget advertising to attract the right audiences.
  • Monthly Expert guidance: for continuous improvement of strategy and tactics based on data.
  • Cyber Security & Tech Support.


  • They competed with larger competitors and won consistently as their brand and business were represented much better online than their main competitors.
  • Extend a Home website now delivers a clear message to their ideal customer but most importantly, creates instant trust and credibility with these valuable prospects online.
  • The Extenda Home brand was reaching over ten thousand people that fell into their ideal customer space each month on social media platforms, and creating valuable brand awareness in the eyes of their ideal customer in Sydney’s affluent North Shore.
  • The team started getting a consistent stream of high-quality leads each week.
  • Within a few months, the business was winning high-value deals that helped grow revenue to achieve the goals set together with netStripes at the strategy formulation meetings and during the creation of the digital strategy blueprint.

  • 30%
    Higher Visits
  • 50%
    Lower Bounce Rate
  • 45%
    Convertion Rate
  • 60%
    Faster Optimization


  • The blueprint allowed the Extend a Home team to know who the most valuable clients were. Homeowners in Sydney’s North Shore who wanted to add first-floor extensions to their homes.
  • The new messaging for the business “Elevate Your Lifestyle” perfectly described their brand and business in 3 words, which was something the Extend a Home team were delighted with.
  • Now that they knew their ideal customer, netStripes helped them to dig deeper and understand the needs of their ideal customer. We were able to provide Extend a Home with a powerful advertising copy that created empathy with their client’s needs but also delivered their credentials strongly, “Experts in taking the stress out of First Floor Additions and Renovations from design to construction”.
  • Extend a Home saved money they were spending on various other providers and consultants with the netStripes System that included cutting-edge strategy, branding, website design and development, social media marketing and advertising.
  • The Digital Strategy Blueprint provided clarity on who his ideal customers were, and who were not. This allowed the business to win higher-value customers and save valuable time by not focusing on the wrong customers.
  • Extend a Home not only looked world-class, but it also invoked instant trust and credibility with its ideal customers.
  • Tony and his team received monthly guidance, and his Social Media Marketing was reaching over ten thousand people that fell into his audience with all the work done by netStripes.
  • The team was delighted with the growth of their business, especially winning those high-value deals. They are also happy that they are in a position to be selective with the work they take on.
  • Now they have a new problem – how to create enough capacity to keep up with the new demand? Which makes us at netStripes very happy!
I first met Dinesh at a Digital Bootcamp Seminar he was running for the Master Builder's Association. I was very impressed with his professionalism and digital marketing knowledge. I discussed our website with him and we agreed it needed a total revamp. In the 2 years since working with Netstripes and Dinesh we have launched a fantastic new website both designed and managed by Netstripes and our leads and sales have enjoyed fantastic growth. I have no hesitation in recommending Netstripes to any business that is looking to improve and grow their digital marketing presence.

Tony O'Neill and Extendahome Constructions Pty Ltd

    Terms & Conditions

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    The following steps describe the terms of engagement of this project.

    1. Draft online brand design will be sent to the client for your feedback and approval within a specifiedperiod from the receipt of the confirmation payment.
    • In ensuring the project is kept to timelines, the client is to provide, approval or anyrequest for changes within 3 business days of receiving our draft design.  Maximum time for design approval or request for any changes should be no longer than 3 days (due date) and any subsequent changes need to be approved within 24 hours (revised due date) of the change being sent to you.

    If no feedback is received within the given time, NetStripes will endeavour to send a reminder on the revised due date and the project may move into development phase the next day.

    The above timelines and process will also be adhered to whenever approval is required from the client throughout the project cycle.

    • Changes in design are generally not recommended once the development begins as it hampers project deadlines and incurs additional effort and cost. Any such changes will be quoted for separately at a nominal rate of $100 an hour.
    • Features requested once the project has commenced will be quoted separately. All changes should ideally be made prior to the completion of design in avoiding delays and additional costs
    • Design Revisions – NetStripes will provide at no extra cost to the client up to one revision for Solopreneur Web packages, two revisions to clients for Gold and Platinum Web Packages and three revisions for Platinum Plus web packages.  Text revisions are not considered revisions.
    • Content: The client is required to supply images and content required for your website.  We will advise you of the required content via email or through a document referred as the “Content Calendar”. The content may include, but is not limited to, photographs, written copy, logos and other printed material. In achieving timeline and cost related goals of the project, the timing of the content required is provided to the client within a week of confirmation. It is important the content is provided within these timeframes to ensure smooth progress. Yes content delays impact project timeline.
    • Continued delays in providing content - Clients are advised that delays in providingcontent or approval has an impact on project completion costs due to increased cost of resources in coordination, design and development. Every week the project is delayed due to delays in approvals, and content delivery will incur a nominal fee of $150 per week.
    • Domain -  If you do not already have a domain name registered, you will be required toregister a domain name of your choice. If you would like us to do this for you, it can be done at an additional service fee of $75– excluding your domain cost and GST.

    If you already have a domain and wish to continue using the same domain for your new website, you will be required to provide domain credentials the latest by 7 business days from your new website launch date. We will not be liable for any delays or other technical issues related to moving your domain records from your existing provider.

    • Web Hosting - If you do not already have a web hosting provider, you will be requiredto purchase a hosting package from a web hosting provider of your choice and provide us such details at least 7 days prior to the date required for your website to be hosted and available on the world wide web.  We will be able to provide you with a list of providers if required.

    In case you decide on NetStripes hosting your website through our preferred provider, it must be noted that NetStripes cannot be responsible for any kind of hosting/server issues of the hosting provider that may occur. This service is only provided on request and we will not be able to provide complimentary support in relation to resolving any hosting related issues.

    1. Email Hosting - While most web hosting providers offer a certain number of email accounts (if not unlimited) included in their packages, we do not recommend our clients   combine their web and email hosting with the same provider.  The reason for this is to avoid significant issues of single point of failure. This means when you have one provider for both website and email, if your website is down due to server issues, your email system will also not work and vice versa.  You will need to assess the risks of your email system being linked to your hosting provider and your website.

    As an alternative, if required NetStripes are able to provide you with a list of suggested email hosting providers for your consideration.

    If the need does arise NetStripes will be able to assist you in setting up your email configurations at a nominal cost.

    Alternatively, you may contact the provider yourself for configuration.

    In the case that you need our assistance for email configurations, you will be required to provide Administration details of your email hosting provider at least 7 business days before we launch your site.

    1. Ownership of Code and Content - Once all payment instalments are made in full for the website package you have subscribed for and any other additional features requested, the ownership of the website which includes design and development of your website will be transferred to you irrevocably. Your right to use the website immediately ceases and the licences granted under this agreement terminated if you do not pay your instalments on time and NetStripes shall be entitled to immediately remove all website material from your web hosting provider and computer.
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    If you are in agreement of the above please be good enough to pay the advance of confirmation in order we can proceed with the development of your website.

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