Lead Generation Essentials & Chat GPT for Financial Brokers
31st August 2023

| 31st August 2023

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Whether you're a startup or an established brokering business, creating and consistently adjusting your lead generation strategy is essential to the growth of your business.

But, understanding lead generation strategies can take time — not only are there many to choose from, but the ones that work for other businesses might not work for yours.

Join this exclusive webinar as netStripes CEO Dinesh De Silva shares essential lead generation tactics and tips for using ChatGpt that you can use to attract more eyes that can turn into paying customers.

Topics of discussion 

  • Getting your digital marketing results on autopilot
  • Growth hacking strategies for high-growth businesses
  • Using ChatGPT & other AI tools
  • Increase brand awareness en masse
  • Reaching thousands of the right customers
  • Website conversion strategies



31st August 2023

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM AEST

In order to support your business with the rapid shift in consumer behaviour, we developed Futurise Insights to provide you with a greater level of understanding on crucial insights in the current market trends, and consumer buying behaviour, and to increase your digital awareness on what your business should be undertaking during this period.

Meet the Speaker!

Dinesh De Silva - Founder of NetStripes

Founder of NetStripes is a leading authority on Small Business Innovation and Digital Readiness.

As a thought leader in digital & innovation, he is regularly called upon as a speaker and has deep insights on SMEs having met and addressed over 5000 business owners in recent years.

Media appearances include ABC News, ABC Radio, Sky Business, Sky News, AFR, and CIO.

His current passion is to help SMEs throughout Australia conquer the world of innovation and digital strategy, which he believes can change the course of small and medium businesses in this country.