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WordPress Websites that help you win sales, achieve your goals and grow

1. Strategic Blueprint

Your first step to successfully transition your business to a digital future starts with strategy.

The strategic blueprint is a practical modern day business plan. Our experts will work with you to fine-tune your business model, create strategies to identify your most valuable customers, and position your business competitively to increase sales and transform your business.
Gain clarity on your business’s core competencies, using our frameworks will help you build a strong brand vision that clearly differentiates your business from thousands in your industry.
The WordPress website will be based on your strategic blueprint, so getting the latter right will help you deliver your brand promise and experience to every customer that you serve.

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2. Online Brand Development

Created by experienced WordPress developers your world-class website will deliver instant trust and credibility wherever your customers see your brand.

Our experts will incorporate branding that positions your business to stand apart from competitors and compete with much larger brands, with a unique value proposition focused on providing a modern UI design.
This will help you to create that brand consistency you are after on your website, which can then easily translate powerfully on all your social media channels.

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3. Website Development

Your website is then custom-built using intellectual property created over 15 years by top-notch WordPress developers. This framework ensures that your website meets international quality standards and creates instant trust and credibility with your customers.

While we work on your website, we will get you to work on valuable content based on the strategy developed in Step 1. We draw your expertise on your business and vision for the content because you know it best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are netStripes websites so affordable?

We believe world-class web solutions must be affordable and accessible to small businesses and start-ups. With this vision in mind and support from WordPress website developers, we have created several ground-breaking innovations to achieve outcomes of extreme affordability, quality, and timeliness.
These innovations have been created over a period of more than 36 months using over 15 years of intellectual property. We want small businesses and start-ups to market themselves confidently online just like big businesses do.

Are there hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges, we have helped hundreds of clients with our services.
You may request additions to all the standard packages as you grow and these will be quoted to you upfront before you proceed to ensure there are no surprises to you as a customer.

How is it that netStripes are able to complete your websites so fast?

Using over 15 years of intellectual property, we have been able to make groundbreaking innovations over a period of 36 months. This process has enabled us to offer affordable, professionally developed WordPress websites with great branding in a time-efficient manner to small business clients.

Is hosting included in these packages?

Hosting is included in the solopreneur package up to 1 GB of storage. For all other packages, you may use your own hosting arrangements or we can recommend a reliable and cost-effective hosting provider(s).

Can I integrate the NetStripes web solutions with Mail chimp, my CRM etc.?

NetStripes integrates with the most popular, CRM, mail solutions, invoicing systems, payment platforms. See under integrations for more.