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The 5 best ways to reach new customers with Digital Marketing

Are you struggling to drive new customers to your business? Digital marketing continues to be one of the best methods of reaching new customers for small businesses looking to expand their bases. A strong online presence allows business owners to reach a greater audience than traditional advertising at a lower cost, while yielding better results.  

Here are our 5 top picks for reaching new customers with digital marketing.

Target Facebook users with highly targeted advertising

A key tool in any digital marketing plan, social media advertising is one of the quickest ways to engage with new audiences. Facebook is by far one of the largest networks that collects information about its users, their behaviour and what they are interested in, all of which you can use to your advantage to reach new customers.

The great benefits of Facebook advertising is its highly targeted advertising. By targeting demographics, interests and even location and using engaging content, videos entertainment and offers, you’ll be able to drive new customers to your Facebook page, and then your website too. Just remember not too many offers. The trick here is to deliver value to your audience.

Referral mails through your email base

Even if you have 10,000 followers on social media, there’s no guarantee that they will see all your posts, especially since social networks are constantly changing their algorithms. Use your email list to connect with new customers, while strengthening your relationship with existing customers.

Simply offer special promotions to customers who refer your business to friends, and then target your new visitors with engaging content that they will value, freebies and promotional prices. Don’t forget to have them sign-up for your emails too. You can also segment your bases through A/B testing to create more accurate ‘interest based’ email lists.

Increase followers with Social media competitions

An easy way for small businesses to increase social media engagement and attract potential customers in a short space of time is to run ‘tag and win’ competitions. The purpose behind these competitions is to engage with your existing followers while creating brand awareness.

By tagging their friends in the comment section of the contest post, your followers are helping to introduce potential customers to your business. With minimal effort, your customers can win awesome stuff and in exchange you get to increase the reach of your brand.

Influencer Marketing

Most people associate this with Instagram, and a lot of businesses do rely heavily on influencers to promote their services or products on the network. However, influencer promotions could be anything from enlisting ‘advocates’ to talk about your business offline and online in reviews, blogs and other forums, to celebrities being seen using a particular product or service.

For e.g. the media storm Megan Markle created when she wore a pair of ethically sourced jeans, designed Australian brand Outland Denim during the royal tour of Australian in late 2018. Within a day from the publication, the brand sold-out the design. Sometimes even tagging a popular destination in your social media post can create awareness about your business among regular visitors.

Networking on Linkedin

Do you work with other businesses? If so, this one’s for you. Linkedin is one of the largest networks of professionals in the world, ideal for B2B businesses in search of new buyers.

Attract potential customers with valuable content about your company and services, and use member-generated demographic data to reach the right audience: company, industry, seniority, and more to create targeted ads. You can also join groups containing similar businesses from the same industry of location.

This is a great way to build contacts and find about promotions and campaigns that you could collaborate on. Don’t forget to connect with people in your target audience and keep increasing your network continually.

With every connection request make sure you write a little note and always mention a mutual connection or friend. When you post your content, a good strategy is to tag a few of your influential contacts and advocates of your brand, while your contacts will feel complimented by you tagging them, their comments will increase your engagement.

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