Digital Success: The Ultimate Guide to Digital Trifecta Strategies for SMEs

It is not just digital transformation, a world-class digital presence, or your business’s digital identity; it is the ultimate strategy for SMEs’ success. In our world, where everything changes so fast and so much, standing out from your competitors in a digital crowd is now non-negotiable, especially if your business is to stay relevant. As […]

How To Create A Referral Program For Your Business

A referral program is an effective and valuable marketing tactic that uses recommendations to grow a business’s customer base through its existing customers. This can take many forms, but at its heart, it’s a way to turn your most loyal customers into brand advocates. There are countless examples of businesses of all sizes and industries […]

6 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Digital Marketing Budget

Given the current economic situation, and with more businesses jumping on the digital wagon to increase reach, digital marketing continues to provide value to small businesses looking to expand revenue. But, as a small business owner who has to stick to a tight and fast marketing budget, your job will be challenging. However, that doesn’t […]

Setting goals for your business in 2022

Creating a plan that’s ambitious enough to inspire (always aim high!) but practical enough to implement and quantify, is a challenge every business owner faces. This is where setting SMART Goals can help you create a digital strategy that achieves results. But first, what is a SMART Goal? Goals are an important part of every […]

$1B for Small Business to Go Digital – The Details and How to Use It

The 2022-23 Federal Budget delivered much-needed tax breaks and business grants for small and mid-sized businesses. The biggest news was the allocation of up to $1 billion for digital adoption through the ‘Small Business Technology Investment Boost’ and ‘Small Business Skills and Training Boost’ measures. The new measures enable businesses to claim a $120 deduction […]

3 Digital Marketing Strategies You Must Know

Sometimes having a great product isn’t enough to create a successful business – you need to tell the world about that product too. Take Apple for example, they have amazing products but would anyone know about them if it wasn’t for their brilliant digital marketing strategies?  With several digital tools and mediums available, marketing to […]

The 3 Elements of Successful Online Advertising

What motivates people to make a purchase or buy into a service? It has to be something they need or desire. But when multiple businesses advertise similar products and services online, how do shoppers differentiate between the good, the bad and what they really need? This is where trust and credibility play a significant role […]

Why You Need a Website for Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Ask any marketer out there and most, if not all, will agree when we say that a website play a pivotal role in your digital marketing efforts. When it comes to online marketing, all of your efforts to attract customers all lead to your websites. Great platforms with masterful designs convert leads and potential customers. […]

5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Is Not Working

You thought you ticked off all the correct steps to set your small business on the path to online success. You created a website, and social media profiles for your business, hired someone to work on your advertising campaigns, and spent more money than you can afford on digital marketing initiatives.  So why is your […]