Setting goals for your business in 2022

Creating a plan that’s ambitious enough to inspire (always aim high!) but practical enough to implement and quantify, is a challenge every business owner faces. This is where setting SMART Goals can help you create a digital strategy that achieves results. But first, what is a SMART Goal? Goals are an important part of every […]

Easy Tips Entrepreneurs Can Use To Manage Stress

Running a business is not easy, and trying to manage stress is sometimes a part of the job. Between all the meetings with clients and the budget trickling down, it can quickly feel like the whole world is against you. If this sounds familiar, remember you are not alone. If you are a busy entrepreneur […]

$1B for Small Business to Go Digital – The Details and How to Use It

The 2022-23 Federal Budget delivered much-needed tax breaks and business grants for small and mid-sized businesses. The biggest news was the allocation of up to $1 billion for digital adoption through the ‘Small Business Technology Investment Boost’ and ‘Small Business Skills and Training Boost’ measures. The new measures enable businesses to claim a $120 deduction […]

Why Small Businesses Need to Embrace Digital Transformation

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital products and services by consumers, and as a result, it’s now essential that every small and medium business must achieve digital transformation of their business to achieve growth. Additionally, digital transformation provides a way for businesses to leverage innovative new technologies and strategies to increase revenue, reduce costs, and […]

Tips for buying website domains for small businesses

If you’ve already begun your entrepreneurial journey, odds are you have the passion, goals, and planning needed to get your business off the ground.  But now, you need to start building your empire online. Having a great website all starts with buying a secure small business domain name. Although most of the major registrars on […]

Cybersecurity best practices for small and medium businesses

Cybersecurity is often overlooked by small and medium businesses as its wrongly assumed cybercriminals only target large organizations. However, it is completely incorrect and out of sync with today’s cybersecurity best practices. ​Luckily, executing a good cybersecurity system doesn’t have to be difficult. There are simple measures that, if implemented, can significantly reduce the impact […]

9 Things to consider if you’re running a business

Running your own business is incredibly exhilarating – and scary. There are so many challenges to navigate through and no way to ensure that any of it will work. If you’re thinking of starting a business in the new year, or are already on your entrepreneurial journey, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure […]

5 Important things every entrepreneur must consider before starting a business

Making the decision to start your own business is always daunting. There’s no guarantee of success, and no way to really prepare yourself for all the obstacles, known and unknown, that you’ll face along the way. However, in spite of all the hardships that new entrepreneur’s face, pursuing your own business can be extremely rewarding. […]

5 Steps for Digital Marketing Success for Small Businesses

There’s no denying that when it comes to running a small business, a strong web presence is necessary to continuously grow and stand apart from your competitors. A digital marketing plan is necessary for any business – small or large – as it’s the most effective way to reach potential customers and drive conversations. That’s […]

5 Easy Steps To Succeed Online For Any Small Business Or Startup

Are you winning enough leads and customers? Feeling frustrated and annoyed despite all the efforts you’ve put into digital marketing? You may have tried every possible way to drive traffic to your website, but if they are not converting into customers, then something needs to change. There are only two universal truths about digital marketing- […]