Setting goals for your business in 2022

Creating a plan that’s ambitious enough to inspire (always aim high!) but practical enough to implement and quantify, is a challenge every business owner faces. This is where setting SMART Goals can help you create a digital strategy that achieves results. But first, what is a SMART Goal? Goals are an important part of every […]

3 Digital Marketing Strategies You Must Know

Sometimes having a great product isn’t enough to create a successful business – you need to tell the world about that product too. Take Apple for example, they have amazing products but would anyone know about them if it wasn’t for their brilliant digital marketing strategies?  With several digital tools and mediums available, marketing to […]

Should you be creating your website or working with an expert?

This is THE million dollar question! The difference in your sales revenue can well be that big depending which of the two options you pick. Nowadays, several free website building services allow business owners to design their websites. And apparently, all you need is a bit of creativity and in some cases, a web hosting […]

5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Is Not Working

You thought you ticked off all the correct steps to set your small business on the path to online success. You created a website, and social media profiles for your business, hired someone to work on your advertising campaigns, and spent more money than you can afford on digital marketing initiatives.  So why is your […]

How to Respond In Times of Crisis: Digital Solutions

Australia has experienced many crises over the years, from the covid-19 pandemic to the global financial crisis, drought, and bushfires. For this reason, it’s crucial to build a business that can withstand a change in policies, economy, and even climate. The pandemic has shown us that for any business to stay active, it should have […]

Why Nailing Customer Strategy Is a Must for Online Success

Strategy is fundamentally important if you want to succeed online. One of the reasons businesses don’t succeed online is because not only do they not have the right strategy, but they don’t have the right knowledge on how to create a winning strategy to succeed in this digital world. In reality, very few businesses have […]

6 Steps to a Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy is fundamental to being successful online.  This is the difference between the success stories of companies that are making millions online, and the other 85% of businesses that are still struggling. It’s the digital strategy that helps you create the trust and credibility that is so vital online and helps you […]

Reinventing your business strategy to increase client retention

2020 has undoubtedly become one of the most challenging years for all of us. It has created unprecedented trends in every industry, especially in the legal sector, and has pushed us to think of a new business strategy to reach and serve our clients better. These unexpected changes have also led to a big shift […]

7 Things you need to look into when investing in a website

Investing in a website is a big step for anyone more so for small business owners, whose future depends on overcoming challenges in the digital world. After decades of working for others, you’re now determined to make it out on your own and you’re willing to invest your hard-earned money on this business idea. You’ve taken […]