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Reinventing your business strategy to increase client retention

2020 has undoubtedly become one of the most challenging years for all of us. It has created unprecedented trends in every industry, especially in the legal sector, and has pushed us to think of a new business strategy to reach and serve our clients better.

These unexpected changes have also led to a big shift in the online market. Many business owners including legal practitioners have embraced digital transformation to get with the times and secure their livelihood. They are also realising that web presence without the support of a digital marketing business strategy will not give them the results they desire. 

When netStripes was initially set up in 2014, Founder and CEO, Dinesh De Silva understood that digital transformation is a barrier that many business owners including professional service providers struggled to contend with.

While a divorce lawyer’s knowledge in all the ins and outs of family law would be impeccable, her limited understanding of digital marketing was holding her back from assisting those who needed her services. This obstacle has led many business owners to stagnate over the years hindering their financial security and restricting them from reaching their goals.  

In order to empower small and medium business owners to achieve their highest potential and be game-changers in their chosen fields, netStripes has developed a tested and proven process that is fast, efficient, and affordable.

We have worked with over 5000 business owners and envision to empower 1 million business owners with the right digital knowledge, skills, and web solutions to accelerate their limitless prospects for growth and success.

We are currently working with multiple industry associations and local governments to achieve this vision. In the past, we also served as the Digital Specialist Provider for small businesses on an exclusive basis for the NSW Government’s Business Connect program between 2017-2020.

‘Futurise’, an innovative online learning program is our latest brainchild designed to provide in-depth knowledge of advancements in digital acceleration and the essential skills needed to create further value to enhance intellectual capital in businesses. The program consists of Futurise Insights – a suite of weekly webinars and Futurise Foundation– an online learning and strategy program. 

Futurise Insights is a suite of power-packed webinars covering digital and social media marketing developed to increase your digital awareness so that you can respond to changes with confidence. These 90-minute interactive live sessions are free and focus on the fundamentals, latest trends, and best practices to guide you to set your business strategy apart from competitors. Apart from this, we will also be introducing a new topic – Innovation for profitability to help you approach your practice with innovative thinking and provide practical steps to spark your creativity.

Futurise Foundation the next stage in the online program concentrates on providing strategic knowledge that will equip you to reinvent and reposition your business for growth. Foundation comprises four modules – essential learning on how to reinvent your business, creating a digital and marketing infrastructure that is crisis-proof, customer strategies for online success, and online advertising tips and tricks. 

As a member of the Women Lawyers Association, we are pleased to offer you a special discount for Futurise Foundation to prepare you for the next phase of digital transformation in your business. We hope you use the following coupon code OFFER50OFF and turn this small gift from us into an opportunity to learn and grow. 

To learn more about the Futurise Foundation Course and how it can help you accelerate digital growth – click here.

We’re also happy to announce that as a member, you have access to an exclusive 30-minute digital transition discussion with our digital specialists’ to guide you through your transformational journey. This initial discussion will give you valuable insights and help you take the leap you need to successfully transition and get your business flying.

To get in touch with our digital experts or find out more about netStripes’ services and what they can do for you, click here.