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How Small Businesses can use the $30,000 Instant Asset Write-off to Power Sales Growth

As digital evolution continues to accelerate, it’s vital that small businesses keep up with the digital future by investing in digital growth. While most small businesses have a website, their common problem is the lack of know-how to make it more than just a pretty landing page. So with the help of the recently announced extension to the tax write-off, small and medium-sized businesses can now use the $30,000 instant asset write-off to power sales growth in their business.

Imagine if your website was difficult to navigate through, or doesn’t offer the information that customers require on the first page, that could seriously affect your business. In today’s cutthroat world, we really can’t afford to not make maximum use of our digital technology to boost our online business and image – this is where digital transformation steps in.

Powering Sales Growth with Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the implementation of digital innovations that helps to enhance web presence.  Examples of digital marketing that can help you improve your sales include automation software that replaces slow and manual processes, targeted social media advertising and website data analysis.

But, before you start thinking about any expensive and potentially disruptive changes to your website, you need to have a digital strategy in place so you don’t go off track. This is where the instant write-off can help you!

Digital Strategy

Investing in a winning digital strategy is all worth it if you want your business to continually boost sales. Most small businesses fail to understand that a unique digital strategy must be tailored to their own individual business if they want to win in the market, because no businesses are the exact same of course – so make sure to look into getting the right digital strategy from the right digital experts!

Netstripes are the authorised digital specialist for small businesses in NSW. We offer free one-on-one digital advisory sessions for small businesses which are fully funded by the NSW government. Sit with one of our digital experts and get your digital strategy created to help boost sales. Click here to book your advisory with us today!

Digital Presence

Changing your digital presence is quite simple actually. Examples include changing the way your copy and images are presented to communicate your brand better, and altering a complete overhaul of your landing pages and social media content to generate new leads. Make sure to seek help from professionals to make a smooth transition to business success.

We can help you!

Netstripes has several business plans that cover all areas of the digital presence from web development, and professional graphic designing to expert guidance on social media marketing and tech support. All of which cost less than $20,000, so it can be purchased and claimed under the $30,000 instant asset write up. If you’d like to learn more about our services, click here to book your consultation and speak to our Digital Advisors.


The increase in the amount and accessibility of the write-off is to encourage small businesses to invest more in their industries through value-added equipment and technology.

So by using the $30,000 instant asset write-off to power sales growth for your business, we advise you to invest in Digital technology. Digital technology is something that we all need to integrate into our business to stay ahead of competitors and grow sales. More small businesses need to take steps toward creating a stronger online presence to increase profitability and the instant asset write off affords us the opportunity to invest in digital upgrades that will generate more sales and ensure a robust and sustainable business. So why not take advantage of it.

Please speak to your tax accountant for all tax and investment related advice. Information provided above does not constitute advice.

Are you ready to elevate your business to another level?

If you would like to have your digital marketing strategy aligned with your business’ objectives and goals, book a consultation with one of our Digital Strategists at Netstripes here.

Our digital specialists with years of marketing experience will be able to advise and propose a digital marketing solution with supportive inbound strategies (including website development) and affordable outbound strategies. Find out which marketing strategy is suitable for your business!

Feel free to talk to one of our digital strategists today. We are more than happy to help!
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