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Success Story: Sonia Wray from Sterling Results Fitness

Read Sterling Results Fitness Sonia Wray’s story on how Netstripes’ 1 on 1 Advisory and Digital Bootcamp helped her become a successful business entrepreneur in the fitness industry.

Sterling Results Fitness Club provides Fitness services to those who are, or who want to be “Fit Fabulous and Over 50”.  This small boutique gym started in Willoughby in May 2015. 

After 12 months of building a small number of reliable Personal Training clients, and running 2 FITAAA (Fit at any age) fitness classes (designed for those over 70); Sonia Wray expanded to offer HIKEFit sessions on weekends, allowing people to get fit in a natural environment, with the added mental health benefit.

Being one of 10 gyms within a 1km radius, it was imperative for Wray to differentiate from her competitors and target the right market if she wanted to succeed.

In 2016, Wray came to Netstripes’ 1 on 1 Advisory, where the Digital Advisor advised to rebuild her website. It was from this digital advisory engagement session, that she learned how to identify her key markets. 

Through strategic targeted marketing, Wray was able to offer new classes to her targeted audience, which positively doubled her business’ revenue.

Following from the Advisory, Wray attended the 2-day Digital Engagement Bootcamp, where she identified the opportunities to engage prospects digitally, including through various lead generation channels.

The Digital Engagement Bootcamp also taught her what was required to create an ‘effective’ website which would attract her visitors; how to provide engaging content and convert them into leads; how to use Facebook, Google AdWords and remarketing ad campaigns; the use of tools to help automate, monitor and review the performance of digital including email marketing, google analytics and web analytics.

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“As a result of the programme, we have connected with more ideal clients, received more referrals and was able to run our first Charity Family Fitness Walk in July 2018.” – Sonia Wray

It’s very difficult doing everything as a startup, and the knowledge and skills that Wray has gained from the Business Connect Programme have been “invaluable and amazing value for money”.

“I think this is a great programme and every small business should be participating” – Sonia Wray.

“At 52 I gave up a very successful executive career to embark on a new adventure of being self-employed. Three Years later, I am proud to say that my business is flourishing, that I am hiring new staff, and plan to expand premises within the next 12 months. 

Offering quality services to a niche market,  and using strategic digital engagement to attract my clientele, I have become a successful business entrepreneur in the fitness industry. “

In July 2017, STAYFit and BOXFit Women only classes were added to the program, thereby doubling the business. SKIFit classes were added in July 2018. To check out Sterling Results Fitness, click here.

Well done Sonia Wray. Your success truly makes the team at Netstripes happy for you and we can only wish you the very best in your business endeavors.

We love to hear about business success, so feel free to email us at bc@netstripes.com and tell us how your business has become a success story.

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