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How to Give Your Business a Refreshing Social Media Makeover for 2019

Maintaining a strong social media presence online is a big commitment and I’m sure we’ve all felt guilty before, for not giving our social media platforms enough love last year. It’s important to proactively engage on social media with the purpose of maintaining our long-term relationships with our customers.  

If your social media engagement has been inconsistent lately or possibly fallen off the radar, then here’s your chance to refresh your social media outlook for 2019.

1.Perform a Social Media Audit

Before you make changes to your social media, it’s important to grasp a thorough understanding of how your business is progressing on each social media platform. By conducting a social media audit, you will be able to analyse and evaluate the ROI performance and engagement on all your social media channels.

An analytics tool such as Google Analytics and Sproutsocial will not only display your ROI results, but also important information such as your conversion rates, impressions, unique visitors on your page and what demographic you attract to your social media.  Through this, you will then be able to identify the weak points and determine what needs to be changed and improved for 2019.

2. Make a Social Media Plan (How Often are you Posting, What Types of Content)

Creating a social media plan as the year starts will give you the upper hand in aligning your business objectives with your marketing efforts. You don’t particularly need to know what content you precisely need to write about on the 24th March, but it’s good to decide on how often you publish your posts and what sort of content you will share to engage with your customers.

Just because visual illustrations help 100x better, consider drawing out your yearly plan on a calendar, whiteboard or even an Excel Spreadsheet, and mark when, where and what you want to post. A good tip is to mark any big events such as holidays and new product/ service launches that you can use to engage and promote your business to your customers.

3.Create Actual Content to Build Authority Other People Haven’t Written About

Let’s not forget the primary purpose of social media. Social media was originally an outlet for people to interact online and have conversations, learn about one another and share passions and knowledge. Too many businesses see “profit” in the operations of social media and forget how to truly attract and capture their consumers.

To truly engage and attain the interest of your consumers, post “actual content”. No, not just sharing but creating too! This will give you and your business authority and authenticity, which will make you stand out from your competitors.

To achieve superb results, you need perseverance; consistency is key! Stick to your social media plan and continue to create interesting content. This will continuously engage and interest your audience which will help build brand loyalty and maintain a long-term relationship with your customers.

4. Build and Reach out to Communities and Groups

From analysing the traits of your target audience, you should be able to better understand who your typical customer is. Knowing your ideal customer is imperative! Try to find out what time of the day they use social media, what platforms do they like to use, what their hobbies and passions are, what their pains are. This can help you determine what time you should post, which channel you should focus on, what things you should emphasize when posting, how to trigger their emotions etc.

And through this information, go online and find a community – or even make your own online group on Facebook, Linkedin or Pinterest! An online community will help you boost your engagement while creating a platform for you to monitor closely the discussions your customers are having. With instant notifications, you’ll be on high alert and will be able to respond to their problems as soon as possible.

5. Consider Video and Live Stories. Be More Visual

In 2018, video marketing became an extremely popular marketing strategy. It’s a new method of engagement that has changed the way people communicate with each other in general. On social media, creating videos or broadcasting them live (on Facebook or Instagram) allows greater reach and interaction with viewers in real time – offering rich, tangible and highly desirable content that delivers stronger impact and exposure.

And in 2019, this trend doesn’t plan to change any time soon. Show your audience that your brand is still real and relevant. So get on that video bandwagon, and get visual!


Hope this social media makeover guide for 2019 has inspired you to create impactful and effective social media content. Let’s start the year with a bang and amaze your audience with creative, innovative and engaging content, continuing to capture their attention and generate those leads.

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