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The Coolest Tech From CES 2024

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024) recently occurred in Las Vegas, attracting a crowd of over 130,000 tech workers, business owners, and early adopters to witness the latest gadgets.

This year’s event showcased futuristic technology, some of which could certainly make a positive impact for small to medium business owners in the future. We have selected ten gadgets from this year’s batch to share, ranging from a palm recognition smart lock to magical mood mirrors.

The BMind Smart Mirror

Created by the Paris-based health tech company Baracoda, the BMind smart mirror can take one look at you and tell how you’re feeling, then offer “personalised mental health coaching” to help.

Image sourced from baracoda.com

The technology uses AI to analyse expressions and gestures and then provides guided meditations, light therapy and affirmations to suit your mood. The mirror can also guide you through tooth brushing and examine your skin’s needs. 

Applications: Mental Health Coaching, Skin Health Monitor, Teeth Health and Bushing. The applications of this tech is mind blowing and will expand over time.

Samsung’s transparent MICROLED screen 

Samsung has unveiled the world’s first transparent version of its Micro-LED display technology. According to Samsung, the technology delivers brighter and clearer images and is more transparent than the existing screen technology.

While transparent screen technology is impressive and could have some potential in-home applications, Samsung’s first demonstration is focused more on commercial uses.

Applications: Transparent display will have massive commercial and residential applications. It has the potential to replace the traditional shop window, vehicle windows, and mobile devices.

The Holobox by Holoconnects

The Holobox is a device similar in size to a phone booth and capable of projecting a full-sized hologram of the person you are conversing with almost instantly without any noticeable delay.

Image sourced from holoconnects.com

This gives the impression of having a seamless conversation with the hologram without experiencing any lag like you might on a video call. All you need to operate the Holobox is an internet connection and electricity.

Applications: Performers, Entertainers, and Educators can deliver greater in-person performances to large and small audiences. Potential to improve educational opportunities in the developing world.

‘Ballie’ by Samsung

Samsung’s AI home companion, Ballie, has been updated with advanced features to provide users with intelligent assistance in their daily lives. Ballie learns from users’ patterns and habits by connecting to and managing home appliances, which enables it to offer personalised services.

It can send video updates of loved ones or pets to users’ devices when they are away. Ballie can also enhance the atmosphere of activities like exercise, work, or relaxation by projecting videos, playing music, and answering calls.

Applications: Next level of home and home office conveniences, communication and entertainment delivered instantly.

Phillips Wi-Fi Palm Recognition Smart Deadbolt  

The Wi-Fi Palm Recognition Smart Deadbolt is a new technology with an in-built palm scanner. This scanner recognises unique palm prints to unlock the door. Phillips claims that the lock can save up to 50 palm vein patterns and identify hands belonging to people of all ages.

The palm-scanning technology is more convenient than typing in a PIN or searching for a house key. However, if required, these two methods are still available with this smart lock. You can also unlock the bolt using the Philips Home Access mobile app.

Applications: Home and office keys will soon be things of the past. No more memorising pin numbers or carrying cards, just your palm or face will deliver secure access to your premises.

DJI FlyCart 30

DJI unveiled the DJI FlyCart 30, a delivery drone designed for businesses. The drone boasts an impressive carrying capacity of up to 66 pounds and can travel over 25 miles on a single battery charge. Its potential impact on future package deliveries is undeniable.

Image sourced from dji.com

The drone comes with six battery packs and additional remote control. According to the company, early customers in China have already used it to deliver solar panels to mountainous regions and transport supplies to remote construction sites.

Applications: eCommerce delivery today is restricted to larger more organised businesses. However, soon not just large businesses but smaller firms can provide product delivery of goods to a 40Km radius.

Withings’ BeamO

Upgrade your at-home medicine kit with Withings’ BeamO, a remote control-sized device combining a thermometer, electrocardiogram, digital stethoscope, and blood oxygen monitor.

Image sourced from withings.com

The device has the potential to assist in telehealth visits, which are becoming an increasingly common form of health care. Patients can monitor their heart rhythm and breathing while on screen with their doctor, who can also receive a digital readout.

Rabbit R1 AI 

A dedicated personal assistant powered by AI which can operate apps on your behalf. Imagine requesting an Uber or ordering takeout by pressing a button and speaking your request.

Image sourced from @rabbit_inc

Although it’s not positioned as a phone, you can make phone calls with it since it has a SIM card slot, Wi-Fi, and cellular connectivity. 


An innovative product designed to protect your finger with the help of a self-adhesive disposable, Paprtect allows you to use public touch screens, buttons, and other surfaces while staying shielded from germs.

The finger protector is made from paper that’s 100% compostable, and the dispenser is constructed of recycled material, making it both environmentally friendly and hygienic.

Xpeng Aeroht’s ‘flying car’

Dubbed the Land Aircraft Carrier, the modular vehicle consists of two segments: a flying module for low-altitude transport and a six-wheeled module for use on the ground, according to the company.

Although many flying vehicles were on display at the CES show, Xpeng Aeroht stands out as the only company providing a timeline for commercial sales of flying cars.

Some content in this article were sourced from cnet.com, theverge.com, wired.com, and Rowan Cheung.

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