10 Top Tips To Improve Your Online Advertising Strategy

Last week, we went through all the potential candidates for your online advertising platform. This week, I want to share 10 top tips to help you take your advertising the extra mile, so you can start winning conversions ASAP, and be one step closer to success.  1. Understanding your ideal customer The first step for […]

Success Story: Karen Goodrich From Lifestyle Curtains

Read Lifestyle Curtain Karen Goodrich’s story on how Netstripes’ 1 on 1 Advisory and Digital Bootcamp Seminar helped her discover success after 13 years in business. For 13 years, Karen Goodrich ran her interior decorating business Lifestyle Curtains. However even with a website and paid Google Advertising, she was unhappy with the results she was […]

5 Easy Steps To Succeed Online For Any Small Business Or Startup

Are you winning enough leads and customers? Feeling frustrated and annoyed despite all the efforts you’ve put into digital marketing? You may have tried every possible way to drive traffic to your website, but if they are not converting into customers, then something needs to change. There are only two universal truths about digital marketing- […]

How To Master Personalised Marketing In 4 Steps

Due to today’s competitive world, companies have pushed campaigns rather than conversations. They are more focused on their brand than their consumers. That is why consumers are demanding tailored communications, a better experience and are expecting consistency across all channels. You can’t blame them, can you? After all, consumers are craving personalised marketing.  How do we […]

Customer Personas 101: How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

Creating customer personas for your brand will help you know and better understand your ideal customer and their needs. Influence their buying behaviour and successfully convert them into becoming your customers. Do you know who your customer is? For many businesses, this answer would be yes. But for many successful businesses, they not only know […]