How To Series : Google Ads & Analytics

Hey, Business Owners!  Here are some great ‘How to’ videos worth watching to improve your Google ads and analytics capability and have you working like a Pro! You will find how to videos and instructions on: If you feel you didn’t understand anything clearly, don’t stress! Watch it again and if you still have trouble, […]

5 ways to optimise your retargeting campaigns

Retargeting campaigns are an effective form of digital strategy which has the potential to turn prospective customers into paying customers through the use of specific ads based on their behaviour online. If you’ve never run a retargeting campaign before, do read our blog How can a retargeting campaign benefit your business?, to learn more about […]

The Best Online Advertising Platforms For Your Small Business

Back to days when small businesses relied on Yellow pages and the local newspaper for advertising. It was expensive, not trackable and commonly, not effective. However, in today’s digitalised world, online advertising has changed the face of promotional efforts with a vast array of options for you to choose from that are affordable, trackable and […]