Supercharge Growth with Email Automation

In today’s digital landscape,  time is a precious commodity, and communicating with your customers is essential for sustained growth. At Netstripes, we have witnessed the extraordinary impact of email automation on businesses across various industries, with 80% of users seeing improved lead generation. In this blog, we will explore the importance of email automation and […]

How To Series : Social Media

Hey, Business Owners!  Here are some great ‘How to’ videos and blogs worth watching and reading to improve your social media capability and have you working like a Pro You will find how to videos and instructions on: If you feel you didn’t understand anything clearly, don’t stress! Watch it again and if you still […]

5 Reasons why your social media sucks

As the owner of a small business, the one thing you’ve heard more than once is that you need to digitally engage with your customers. So you’ve invested in a website and set up several social media accounts for your business. You keep sharing posts but you’re not really seeing any positive results. In short, your […]

Building trust and converting leads with digital engagement

The Company Add Capacity is a small business that services lawyers by providing a virtual conveyancing paralegal service. The objective of the company is to reduce the amount of time and overhead costs lawyers spend on routine administrative work.  Add Capacity was founded by Robin Carter, a qualified accountant and finance director with over 20 […]

Top Tips and Tricks for ALL Social Media Platforms (part 1)

Whether you want to build brand awareness, start an audience online, increase customers or grow even more sales, using social media (with the help of social media tips) can become one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to help small businesses reach their customers. Previously, we’ve talked about strategy; the importance of understanding your […]

9 Steps To Becoming a Facebook Expert in 2019: Advanced Social Media Strategy

With more than 1.86 billion active users every month, name me a social media platform that is more popular than Facebook? None. It’s no surprise why brands use Facebook as “the platform” to reach out to their consumers. And for your business, this channel could bring the trophy home – only if you do it […]

The Best Online Advertising Platforms For Your Small Business

Back to days when small businesses relied on Yellow pages and the local newspaper for advertising. It was expensive, not trackable and commonly, not effective. However, in today’s digitalised world, online advertising has changed the face of promotional efforts with a vast array of options for you to choose from that are affordable, trackable and […]

What is Personalised Marketing: The Ultimate Game Changer in Content Marketing

Content marketing has evolved to become a prized strategy because of its ability to connect and retain customers. Yet this is the reason why content marketing has become the solution for selling goods, services and most importantly, brand. Essentially, content marketing helps a brand tell it’s story and values, in hopes to engage with customers […]

Why Your Business Needs Lead Generation To Succeed Online

Lead generation is the lifeblood of your company; without leads, your business will not survive. Why I say this is because generating quality leads is the ultimate element you need to turn your business into a success story. In this post, you will understand the fundamental concept of lead generation and why it is so […]